Blue Economy Concepts

Surah An-Nahl (Verse 14)

“And He it is Who made the sea subservient that you may eat fresh tender meat from it. You bring forth from it ornaments which you wear. And you see the ships cleaving through it. And these are for you that you might seek of His Virtue and that you may be grateful.”


Blue Economy is defined as sustainable commercial growth, improving livelihood and creating jobs using ocean resources while preserving and protecting the health of oceanic ecosystem.

Blue Economy Concepts embrace many industries including ports, shipping companies, Energy/Renewable Energy, Fisheries, Maritime Transportation, Tourism, Climate Change, Waste Management to name a few. 

The Minister of Maritime Affairs is spearheading the concept of Blue Economy in Pakistan.

2020 was been declared as the year of Blue Economy by the Honorable Prime Minister Imran Khan. However, the official launch has been held back due to the current COVID 19 crisis.

The Blue Economy sector presents many investment opportunities in the Maritime Sector. Some are listed below;                                                                                  


  • Marine Food Processing Chain
  • Exploitation of EEZ.
  • LPG Terminal
  • LNG Terminal
  • Silk Route and BRI
  • Coastal Development
  • Shipping industry